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Timetables at UiT

This service provides timetables at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Subscribe to a calendar

Do you like to show the calendar directly in Outlook, Google Calendar or another calendar program?

It is possible to subscribe to calendars from into a calendar-program.
  • Find the calendar you want to subscribe to in
  • Choose "Add to calendar"
  • Choose "Subscribe to calendar" if using Outlook
  • Choose "Subscribe to Google calendar" if using Google services
screenshot of calendar subscription menu
All calendar programs that uses the webdav protocoll can be used

Room booking

Reserve rooms for meetings and other purposes. Students are only allowed to book a few days ahead of time.
This service requires authentication

Old timetables

Timetables up to the year 2016 are temporary available
Old timetables

List over campuses and buildings

Detailed list over campuses, buildings and room codes used at UiT